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Wow, What a Beautiful Faith

Heres my bare short story (lol)

Well, basically i was born in a typical panjabi family. My dads a mona, clean shaven and all that. My MuM wasn't interested in religion that much. I used to have kesh but cut it at a young age, dont know why, i think my parents got it cut. I was also a mona. I wasnt really interested in sikhi either,although my family wernt religious my bibi was amritdhari etc....she used to do loads of seva at gurdwara and was walking 'on that path'.

She used stay at gurdwara most of the time doing seva etc..so i never really got the chance to ask her anything, or she never got the chance to tell me anything. Actually now that I think about it my bibi was really the only one in the whole family who was religious, but then she passed away.

I used to have bad sangat aswell.....Used to hang out with pakis all the time at school, and even got suspended coz of just plain 'dossing' around with me paki mates. They used to tell me so much stuff about Islam etc....And the funny thing is that i believed most of it and didnt know nothing about sikhi. So basically, that was that. After a couple of years there was the first ever annual camp at Singh Sabha Gurdwara. I wanted to go and find out about sikhi, and what its all about, and WOW.....it just changed my life forever. A chardikala Singh asked us, whos proud to be sikh?, obviously we all put our hands up....then he said, how can u be proud of being sikh when u dont even look like one (hhaha) that really struck me.

So, most of my sikhi at that time was learnt at the camp, at the camp they were looking at bhai rama singhs book 'in search of the true guru'.....they passed the book around and told us about the pictures which showed bhai sahibs vision of heaven and hell, this really got to me. So, I wanted to buy that book....but couldnt coz i didnt have any money on me.

Luckily my cousin was at the camp and he bought it and along with it he also bought bhai randhir singhs autobiography. I didnt know he bought these until a few months (i think) after when i went to his house, he showed me them....... he was also a mona and is currently keeping his kesh. Anyhow.......he asked me if i wanted to borrow any of them. So i obviously borrowed the bhai rama singh book.

He said I could borrow bhai randhir singhs if i wanted but i thought naa forget it.....no point, i never heard of the geeza.

so i took and read bhai rama singhs book fairly quickly....it was so wonderfull and it also changed me from the inside......then i decided to read bhai sahib randhir singhs autobiography. And it was actually that book which changed my entire life from the inside.. . . ..so i after this i was propa thirsty for more sikhi....i just used to read and read loads of sikhi books. I actually never practised sikhi though.

One day i decided to keep my kes and become a singh. I started doing japji sahib, rehraas sahib and keertan sohila daily, i noticed a BIG spiritual change. But then i got really lazy and couldnt be bothered doing them no more. I used to wear a patka and stuff.......i used to go to alot of local camps, that got me more interested in sikhi......my knowledge of sikhi became massive with gurus kirpa.

I really really got interested in sikhi and couldnt live without it for a moment. I got into big discussions about small but important things like wearing dastaar and stuff.........so i started wearing dastaar and learnt keski is a kakkar. So after that i never took off my keski and didnt go outside without a proper dastaar on.

Then a sant from Nanaksar came with his phat jatha, really inspiring.....i learnt one of the most important things from him that I can never forget, it is the respect to Guru Granth Sahib.......they showed sooooooooooo much respect man. From this my love of sikhi increased day by day.

When I left school I got out of bad sangat of musalmaans. And started to chill with the proper saadh sangat. Guru Nai Kirpa keetee. Now I try to keep sangat, rehat, and kakkars......Guru Kirpa Karai I will take amrit in the following years.

Naam Is the MOST important thing in the world, and is the only thing that can help you in kaljug.