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Personal Stories

Muslims and Conversion

Eternal Regret - This is the story of a Sikh girl who was tricked into converting to Islam for "love." She learnt her lesson the hard way. This site has been made so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Regrets.... I Have Many - A most touching poem written by a girl who was taken to Pakistan after being manipulated into a relationship with a Muslim youth. The contrast between her previous lifestyle and her current style is so stark that it brings tears to my eyes.

Wow, What a Beautiful Faith - Born into a family that cared little about religion, this youth was influenced at an early age by his Muslim classmates. Fortunately, he soon attended Sikh youth camps, read about Sikh philosophy and beliefs and quickly developed a deep love for Sikhism

New husband held in burning of teen bride - They'd met on the Internet and were married only 10 days when the 18-year-old bride showed up at her family's house in Rochester Hills and shared a terrible secret. Her chest and back were covered with at least 20 cigarette burns -- inflicted by her new husband.

A Mother's Plea To Sikh Girls

First Experiences With Sikhism

Inspiration through Sangat - This story details the life of an average, typical Punjabi youth who was inspired by Gursikhs into turning away from his negative crowd and towards Sangat.

True Happiness - A Story of a girl who went through many ups and downs in her life until she found Sikhism. The theme of finding true happiness instead of false, temporary happiness is hilighted.

Sudden Change - A story of a teenage girl who was always caught up in the wrong crowd at school until she found Gurbani. After reading Sukhmanee Sahib, she instantly fell in love with Sangat and Sikhism.

Nothing Like Gurmat - A devout Christian female who was drawn towards Sikhism during her early years. After wandering all around the world in search of spiritual fulfillment, she found everything she was searching for in Gurmat.

Peace at Last - The story of a youth who like many others, was deprived of Sikhi by ignorance even though he was born into a Sikh family. After continuously going down the wrong path, this youth eventually realized that peace was only possible through one way: Accepting the will of god.

Growth Through Sangat - A typical teenage girl outlines how fortunate and lucky she was for having found the sangat of true Gursikhs. Abandoning hollow pursuits, she eventually became a true Sikh herself.

Instant Love - This is a story of yet another youth who was deprived of Sikhi until eventually he was finally exposed and became addicted. His love for keertan and Sangat helped instantly overcome many of his weaknesses and forced him to become a Sikh.