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Sikhi & Islam

Sri Guru Granth Sahib - Sikhism's Holy Scripture The Koran - Islam's Holy Scripture

Sikhism is the only faith in which the scripture is not written years after the prophet has passed. The Gurus themselves recorded the divine message and it is available for all to read in its original form.

The Beauty of Sikhi

Sikhism: The Truth - This article gives interesting insights into the uniqueness and beauty that is Sikhism. The author goes to great lengths to show how useful Sikhism is compared to the useless rituals and false practices that dominate in other religions.

My Thirteen Reasons for Sikhism - A wide variety of insights concerning Sikhism's place as the world's greatest religion. The author of this article believes that Sikhs should not abandon their faith and strive harder to understand it, learn about it, and they will realize once they do, that it is worth keeping, holding on to, prizing in their hearts and souls.

Questionable Doctrine & Practices in Islam

Scientific Fallacies Within The Koran - The Koran has clear scientific, historical and grammatical errors. This article attempts to specifically hilight three areas of scientific error: The Sun, Thunder and Lightning, and The Earth.

Moral Issues Within The Koran - This article on Morality and Islam cites the Koran heavily to prove its point. We do not neccesarily endorse the entire article. Nevertheless, it is a very insightful and thought provoking read debunking many myths about the morality and peaceful nature of Islam.

Gender Inequality Within The Koran - One of the most profound reasons for our effort to bring about awareness regarding Muslim conversions is due to our fear of a woman's place within Islamic society. Sikhism has gender equality, Islam does not.

Other Articles

Conversation between a Singh and a Muslim Bibi (Girl) - From the Author: Recently I encountered a bibi who was heavily influenced by islam. She wanted to have a debate with me. She seemed quite confident she was going to convince me about the superiority of Islam. I accepted. The angle she used was all about life after death.

We hope to clarify, that we don't intend to defame Islam itself. We merely intend to dispose of any possible notions of Islam being a perfect faith. We only use direct quotes from the koran and koranic scholars. We did not add many sections submitted to us as they were not based on hard facts.