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SikhWomen.com - This site is dedicated to the equality of Sikh women and Sikh men. Some of the major themes discussed on this site include anti-violence, health needs and community involvement.

Ca.Groups.Yahoo.Com/Group/MataBhaagKaur - This site was launched recently by a network of young Sikh women from around the world. The Mata Bhaag Kaur Jagrai Dal is a website geared towards young Sikh women to discuss issues pertinent to Sikh women growing up in a changing world.

Sikhitothemax.com - This revolutionary website provides an easily searchable database of the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib. English translations and English transliterations are provided for every hymn/Shabad.

Sikhi Unleashed - A message board designed specifically for Sikh Youth. A positive, warm and inspirational atmosphere for Sikh Youth from around the world.

Tapoban.org - This site is run by Gursikhs in Toronto and it has a really inspiring message board with motivational stories along with thought provoking debates on issues related to the Sikh faith and community.