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What you should know

Call to Muslims to Seduce Sikh Girls into Islam - Here is a newspaper article that objectively hilights the efforts of certain Muslim groups in their crusade to convert Sikh girls into Islam.

A Message to Moslem Youth - Here is a letter that was widely circulated amongst Muslim Youth in the United Kingdom. The disgusting conversion tactics used by certain Muslim youths are hilighted.

The Truth About Conversions 10 Secrets the Muslims Don't Want You to Know - This article provides some serious insights into Islamic ideology along with tactics used by Muslims to convert Sikh and Hindu girls. This is definitely a must read.

How Muslims Perceive Us - This was an e-mail written by a Sikh male a few years ago outlining the basics of the problem that the Sikh community faces now. Hopefully we can confront the growing problem of Sikh girls losing their identity and therefore eventually ruining their lives due simply to ignorance.