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Why do you cut your nails and not your hair?

Why doesn't your religion have a legal system?

Why doesn't your religion agree with or mention semitic history?

Why does Sikhism say all paths lead to the same goal?

Why do you have 10 Gurus? Does that mean you have 10 gods too?

Why doesn't Sikhism mention the creation of the world? Did Guru Nanak not know?

Why is there no mention of Satan in Sikh scriptures?

Why do Sikhs cremate their dead and not bury them?

Why did Sikhism copy re-incarnation from Hinduism?

Why are non-Sikhs quoted in the Guru Granth Sahib?

Why are there no prophecies in the Sikh scriptures? Did Guru Nanak not know of any?

Why don't Sikhs celebrate events of other prophets?

Why do Sikhs say that god is everywhere? Is he there when one commits sins as well?

Why do Sikhs follow so many rituals?

Why did Guru Nanak's own son abandon Sikhism if it's a true religion?

Why do Sikhs do such horrible things like partying, drinking, etc? What kind of religion is this?
Q: The other religions celebrate days and acts done by previous prophets. E.g. The offering of a sacrifice of a sheep by Muslims on Eid. This they do because of the offering Abraham gave [nearly sacrificing his son, and instead sacrificing a sheep/ram on God's command.] The day Moses defeated the armies of The Pharaoh. Muslims and Jews celebrate by fasting on this day. etc. Why do Sikhs not celebrate such events?

A: As mentioned before, Sikhism rejects the previous prophets and thus the celebrations of the other faiths are of no consequence. Giving of animal sacrifices is considered a pointless ritual. What greatness is there in taking a creature God has created, ruthlessly slaughtering it in the name of God, and then eating it yourself?

thaero keeaa thujhehi kiaa arapo naam thaeraa thuhee chavar dtolaarae ||3||
Why should I offer to You, that which You Yourself created? Your Name is the fan, which I wave over You. ||3|| (694).

Sikhism teaches that the only sacrifice that is worth giving is the sacrifice of the self. Giving up one's entire being to God is a sacrifice that is acceptable. In fact, Amrit or initiation into Gurmat is given only when the Sikh is willing to give his or her life in return for it. Sikhism itself is about sacrificing one's self for the love of God, not sacrificing helpless, frightened animals.