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A Sikh Woman
Sikhism is a beautiful religion that offers a life of peace, meaning and divine bliss. Sikhism is the only faith which shows the path to realisation of Akaal (timeless god). Due to a lack of education and awareness in recent years however, so many of our youth are being deprived of a rich and amazing spiritual heritage. Seeing our lack of education, various groups have made us their prime targets and an ever increasing segment of our community has been lost to a very powerful and deceitful force. This website is dedicated to the prevention of the systematic coercion, manipulation and abuse that has been targeted towards our sisters in the Sikh community in recent years.

A Muslim Woman
Certain Islamic Groups, among others, have specifically targeted Sikh girls for conversion through all possible methods. Knowing little to nothing about the principles of tolerance, acceptance and pluralism, these forces have one single mission mind: The organised mass conversion of all non-Muslims through any means.

This website attempts to show the beauty which Sikhism offers and also a glimpse into the reality of conversion away from Sikhism due to false and treacherous methods. We hope to address issues of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse. The first step towards putting an end to this problem is raising awareness of exactly how vicious and destructive this force has been to our community.

This website also focuses on why people chose to stay in the Sikh community, many stories on the beauty of Sikhism, and also how the Sikh faith has helped many people cope with such tremendous confusion, pain and loss. Sikhism is an amazing and magnificent treasure: ignorance should no longer deprive our youth of its beauty.

The makers of this website do not intend to slander Islam in any shape or form. There are a variety of facts from the Koran and Islamic history along with Sikh history and Sikh scriptures. The content on this site has been filtered to avoid personal opinions. Our only hope is to bring awareness and education to the community about a very serious issue. We hope the viewers can make their own objective judgments.